Geriatric Care Kit

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The degenerative tendencies begin at old age. The earliest changes of such tendencies can be identified through Ayurveda. The mind remains alert, but the memory power declines; the body finds it difficult to keep pace with the mind. Either the human body should not reach this situation or the speed at which it does so, must be arrested. This is the purpose of “Jarachikilsa” prescribed by Ayurveda Acharayas. Hence it is recommended that after forty years of age one must undergo this therapy at regular intervals.

“Jarachikilsa” is indicated for the following problems; Memory loss, lack of sleep, anger without sufficient provocation, unwarranted obstinacy, lack of attention, dim eye sight, improper hearing, tastelessness, insufficient hunger, constipation, physical weakness, problems of hair and skin, sexual debility degeneration of joints like knee, neck, back and paralysis.

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