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Ayurveda has several benefits in skin, hair and body care. Plant extracts and natural substances have been formulated into cosmetic products, according to the Ayurvedic system, not only for the daily care of the skin and hair, but also for the treatment of many problems. One of the major benefits is that biologically active ingredients are easily absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin and influence it at the cellular level. These organic ingredients are based on the same biological principles as the human body. This is the reason why the human body responds extremely well to natural substances, while it has an in-built resistance to synthetic ones.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Beauty care
• The treatment improves skin texture, complexion and beautifies body figure
• The therapy considers cosmetic ailments as part of general metabolic problem and hence corrects metabolic problems
• Provides real nourishment to the skin
• Nourishment to hair reduce hair fall

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